A Possible Victory for Gay Kenyans is On the Horizon

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Same gender loving Kenyans may celebrate if the Kenyan Supreme Court rules in their favor on April 26th.  The ruling isn’t on whether or not SGL Kenyans have the right to marry though. It’s whether or not gay Kenyans can legally have sex…

No fooling…

In Kenya homosexual intercourse is currently punishable by up to 14 years in prison and they’re not alone either. In 32 African nations gay sex is illegal. In some cases the punishment is execution.

Gay Kenyans March in the Capital city Nairobi

In 2014 the Kenyan government prosecuted 595 people under its anti-gay sex laws.

Our same gender loving brothers and sisters in Kenya still have a long road ahead of them. But may this ruling be a few feet closer to victory for them.

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