Short Film Explores Internalized Homophobia in Gay Black Relationships

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Short film explores internalized homophobia gay black relationships Les Amants (lovers of col0r) is a short film by Haitian filmmaker Carl Jaro that explores internalized homophobia in gay black relationships. it follows the story of Yann and Aman, whose idyllic life together is shaken by a woman who wants to lure Yann, who struggles with internalized […]

How to Give a Hand Job


How to give a hand job Did you know one of the main reasons gay men step out of their relationships is because they were no longer satisfied in bed? Often as gay men when we get hot and heavy down come the trousers and open goes the mouth. While there’s nothing wrong with that […]

Confirmed! Luther Vandross was Gay!


In case my mother is reading this I just want to say: I told you Luther Vandross was gay! Yesterday Ms. Pattie Labelle confirmed what we all already knew. That Luther Vandross was gay.  Vandross and Labelle were long time friends until his death in 2005 due to complications from a stroke. To any homophobes […]

John Conyers Must Go But Al Franken Gets to Stay?


John Conyers must go but Al Franken gets to Stay House majority leader has called for Congressmen John Conyers to step down amid allegations of sexual harassment but Al Franken faces only a ethics investigation designed to sweep his own problems under the rug until the news cycle moves on. John Conyers- a lifetime of […]

New Hopes for Zimbabwe Misguided


Pull out an umbrella because its about to rain on the parade. Well, actually, if you are gay in Zimbabwe the storm will continue New hopes for Zimbabwe misguided Last week evil the evil dictator of Zimbabwe finally bowed to pressure and resigned from office. His resignation brought much fanfare and cheers. ““I’m so very, […]

Gay Dating with a Big Age Gap


Gay Dating with a Big Age Gap Think because you’re young and thin that you’re you’re doing him a favor by being with him? Think again! Think because you’re always flipping the bill that he should be your de facto slave? Not so fast mister!  Real relationships aren’t about keeping tabs. They’re about respect and […]

HIV Was My Saving Grace

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Gay, Black, HIV+, and Proud! We thought this article was so good it was worth sharing!  It is an article about a young man that is gay, black, and HIV+. Everyday more and more of us are being diagnosed with this condition. If you have HIV hopefully this article will show you that you may […]

My Most Embarrassing Hookup Story

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This is my most embarrassing hookup story It was a cold February morning. It was a morning that I will never forget.  I was hanging out on jack’d just seeing what’s up. I was going through a fun drought at that point. Then this Jamaican hottie messaged me. I almost ignored him because I thought […]