Schoolboys in South Africa Share A Valentines Day Kiss

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Two South African classmates decided to show their love on Valentines Day while being cheered on by their classmates.  South Africa is the only nation in Africa that recognizes same sex marriage. However homosexuality, especially between men, is still very much a taboo in South Africa as it is in the rest of the continent. […]

Best Obama Portrait Memes

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This week the official portrait of President Obama was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallary. The portraits of the 44th president and the first lady were pained by openly gay black artist gay artist Kehinde Wiley. Given the fact that this artist has painted portraits of other famous figures such as the Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool […]

Essence Magazine Now in Black Hands!

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Essence Magazine is now in Black hands At the beginning of 2018 a deal was finalized for Time Inc. to sell Essence Communications to a private venture capital group formed by Richelieu Dennis. He is the founder of the popular hair and skin care company Sundial Brands which owns Shea Moisture. “This will give Essence a […]

Loves Posting His Interracial Relationship Online-Says Few Images of Black Men Being Loved


Loves posting his interracial relationship online-Says few images of Black men being loved Rob Smith is posting images of himself with his white Russian husband, Misha, on instagram because he says there are very ‘few images of Black men ‘being loved’. There are very few images of black gay men being loved, affirmed, and supported […]

Brother Gets 1 Million Dollars for False Imprisonment

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From prisoner to millionaire On January 17th Desmond Ricks went from a prisoner to a millionaire. He was awarded 1 million dollars for a wrongful conviction in which he lost 25 years of his life in a Michigan prison. “I was fighting from the beginning,” Ricks said during a press conference after his release. “When […]