Meet The Black Trans Woman Who Voted for Trump


Meet Maykayla an office assistant from Hallendale Florida. More importantly she is a black trans woman who voted for Donald Trump and says she would do it again. Here is her interview:


The Interview


So as a transgendered black woman I’m sure you know many people will consider it a contradiction that you’re a trump supporter?

I don’t view myself as a Trump supporter at all, I am a liberal who votes democratic every other time….. this time felt different it felt like we was going down a path as a country that I couldn’t walk….. my vote for trump was pure protest to the system that cheated Bernie


Okay I get that but still Bernie instructed his supporters to support Hillary. How was your vote for trump going to help Bernie?

It’s wasn’t about helping him more so about hurting theDems


But as a transgender woman why would you want to hurt the democrats and yourself by voting for Mr. Trump?

At this point I see no difference between the two parties one say the going to help us yet they tell us change takes time and so on but yet they do nothing to actually fix the issues we are facing
The right at least with them I know what I am Going to get


So you don’t feel that the democrats are supportive of transgender rights?
Supportive in words only
Actions come when a trans person holds someone feet to the fire


So your vote for Trump was your way of holding the dems feet to the fire?
The Dems or Liberal are all talk and no actions and I can no longer vote for that… as a member of the lgbt community I see how fast changes has come for us and as a black persons how slowly changes are coming

All talk


Trump’s Trans Ban on military service

Given Trump’s ban on transgenders from serving in our military amongst other perceived anti gay actions do you still stand by your vote?
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Nothing has been banned
I support my vote not him because at the end of the day nothing he “tweeted” are actually policy


Just his opinions where as If Mrs. Clinton couldn’t bet Trump she would’ve lost to any republican candidate
And President Ted Cruz would be worse


He did actually issue the ban
Trump’s ban on transgender troops is now official policy
Trump tweeted that he would ban transgender troops from the military. He just followed through.


He proposed a ban to which the leader of the Military said they would not enforce
Plus if any transgender women are upset about this many they should have voted


Or put up better democratic candidates


Would you vote for him again?

Do you plan to vote for Trump again in 2020?

Depends on who the Dems put up


I’m already mad that no one wants to runs to challenge him


I want Maxine Waters to run

What do you mean no one wants to challenge him?


So far every democratic senator or leader that I think could beat him want run
They needed to start campaign now


Some might consider you a traitor

What do you say to all those that will inevitably say you are a traitor for voting for Trump?
I tell them this…… I can’t not vote for your best interests only my own nor can you force me to believe they way you want me too…….
I actually think my Vote is working as far as people playing attention to politics


Being more informed and involved

Anything to add?


Well thank you very much
Is there anything you’d like to add?


I just would like to say this watch who you are lead by and watch where they are leading you
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  1. Devon Johnson November 6, 2017 11:43 am

    I’ma republican I don’t care who knows!

  2. Kevin Cortez November 6, 2017 12:25 pm

    Man that took balls to admit that

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