Hot Teacher Busted for Messing With 15 y/o Male Student

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Police say that Andre Braddy was having sexual encounters with a 15 y/o boy in the bathroom of Lenox Academy in Brooklyn New York.  Braddy had been an employee with the school since 2015 and it currently on paid administrative leave pending results of the ongoing investigation.

The scandalous behavior came to light when the boy informed his parents of what was going on who in turn contacted authorities. Apparently there are incriminating text messages as well.

The New York City Department of Education released the following statement:

“These deeply disturbing allegations have no place in our schools and he was immediately removed from the school. He will remain away from students pending the outcome of the investigation and we will pursue his removal from payroll as soon as legally possible.”

Braddy taught math, holds a master’s degree with much student debt, and taught at CUNY university in New York prior to this. A stellar career over because he couldn’t control his urges

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