Gay Black Books to Read
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Good Gay Black Books to Read!

As a new experiment on this site in order to show our pride I wanted to start a series called Good Gay Black Books to Read. If it goes well I’ll continue it. This is meant to be a space for us by us who want to read about us and not just the negative shit we hear in the news media all the time either!

February 2018

Since this is Black history month I wanted to talk about a portion of the Black community that is often ignored even in Black lgbt circles. I, of course, am talking about the “T”! T is for Transgender. Research shows Black transgenders have it the worst of almost any group in America. They’re the least fortunate economically and the most likely to attempt suicide, sadly.

It really is sad too because they have a rich history in this country that most of us don’t know about.  Did you know it was a Black transgender woman that threw the first rock in the Stonewall riots?  I didn’t. But you will too  and a lot more if you decide to read this book!

Good Gay Black books to read

Black on Both Sides challenges the historical account of trans studies invention by excavating a black trans presence and persona long before modern articulations of such. C. Riley Snorton offers us a way to read the historical record in a fashion that requires the unthought to be the basis of the foundation for our claims of newness, demonstrating that there is no revision of what it means to be human without coming through blackness, past and present.”

—Rinaldo Walcott, author of Queer Returns: Essays on Multiculturalism, Diaspora, and Black Studies 



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