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As discussed in a previous article most brothas and sistas that get in debt don’t do it because they shop too much they rely on credit just to survive. So really the solution here is that you need more money. There are several ways to get some extra cash to help you pay off yours bills or if you just want to make some extra bread.

Drive for Uber/Lyft

Despite some of the bad publicity uber is a good way to earn some cash. It’s not advisable to try to live on it but it can get you that extra boost to pay off your debts. What’s nice about uber is you can choose when or when not to drive. Your car has to be in good condition.

Buy and sell online

You can buy items at a discount from ebay and sell them on amazon.com. You can also sell some of your gently used items on ebay. Be careful selling on ebay though because you may get a lot of unpaid orders. If you do sell on ebay don’t ship until you get paid. You can also sell on craigslist. If you know how to set up websites or at good at social media you can become a ShareaSale affiliate marketer .




Online Surveys

You can get points and rewards doing online surveys but be careful a lot of them are scams. You can google reputable survey companies. These are a good option to earn extra change




Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is amazon’s mico job board. They’re small quick jobs like writing a review, write a 350 word article, or taking a survey that most anyone with basic computer skills can do. You won’t get rich but it can get you through a tough squeeze.



Online Tutoring

Are you good at something? Chances are good someone else isn’t and they’re going to need your help. Consider online tutoring



Worm Farming

I know this sounds weird but check it out! You’ve got to see it to believe it.




Lend Out a Room

Not permanently but if you live in a decent place you can let travelers stay in an extra room on airbnb. This can get you not just some extra change but a nice income if you live in a desirable area of a desirable place.


Please don’t do Multi-Level-Marketing

Multi-level marketing is a great opportunity to make money….for the company. They take zero risk, force you to buy their products, and if you end up losing money meh its no skin of their backs.

Whether or not MLM is an outright scam is debatable but what isn’t debtable but the vast majority of people that do it don’t make any money. In fact most lose money.  source CNBC News 

We’ve all had an auntie that tried selling Avon or Mary Kay or an uncle doing Amway or Prepaid legal. Did they get rich? Please don’t fall into that trap. They prey on desperate folks that need extra money. In reality most of the time its the company that gets extra money not you.

Would you pay to work at McDonalds? Then why pay to work for an MLM company? They should be paying you to sell their products not the other way around.



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  2. Diego October 31, 2017 7:46 pm

    Man mah aunties did some amway shit they aint earn one damn dime at it!

  3. Kevin Cortez November 6, 2017 12:27 pm

    This article has some good tips. I was skeptical at first but I’m glad I read it. I checked out that amazon job board thing and it’s legit. I also bought the book on online surveys. I’ve heard $10 so far. It’s not gonna get me rich but hey when you need extra bread you need extra bread….

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