Schoolboys in South Africa Share A Valentines Day Kiss

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Two South African classmates decided to show their love on Valentines Day while being cheered on by their classmates.  South Africa is the only nation in Africa that recognizes same sex marriage. However homosexuality, especially between men, is still very much a taboo in South Africa as it is in the rest of the continent. […]

New Gay Comedian is Funny AF

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New gay comedian is funny af Jaboukie Young-White is a new gay comedian to the scene and is funny as f*ck! He made his debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a few days ago. He makes great puns on millennial poverty, race, straight chasing, and gay senses of masculinity. Now, he just made his […]

Short Film Explores Internalized Homophobia in Gay Black Relationships

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Short film explores internalized homophobia gay black relationships Les Amants (lovers of col0r) is a short film by Haitian filmmaker Carl Jaro that explores internalized homophobia in gay black relationships. it follows the story of Yann and Aman, whose idyllic life together is shaken by a woman who wants to lure Yann, who struggles with internalized […]