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Texan native Nigel Garrett gets 15 years for using Grindr to attack and rob gay men , a gay bash.

According to the police 21 year Texan and some friends–Anthony Shelton, Chancler Encalade, Cameron Ajiduah– would created fake profiles on grindr and get gay men to invite them them to their homes, presumably for sex.

According to Queerty they arrived at a victim’s home brandished guns, taped him up, physically assaulted him, ransacked his home, and stole his property including his car.

Apparently they did this to four other men.

Violence, in any form, is an affront to the American principles of freedom and safety that our communities are entitled to,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Brit Featherston. “The Department of Justice has made prosecution of violent crime a priority. The Eastern District of Texas, in prosecuting this case and others like it, intends to demonstrate that this priority is something more than just a slogan.

Since this is considered a hate crime the men could’ve gotten a life sentence and fined up to $250,000. The accomplices have not been sentenced.


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