Brother Gets 15 Years for Gay Bashing

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Texan native Nigel Garrett gets 15 years for using Grindr to attack and rob gay men , a gay bash.

According to the police 21 year Texan and some friends–Anthony Shelton, Chancler Encalade, Cameron Ajiduah– would created fake profiles on grindr and get gay men to invite them them to their homes, presumably for sex.

According to Queerty they arrived at a victim’s home brandished guns, taped him up, physically assaulted him, ransacked his home, and stole his property including his car.

Apparently they did this to four other men.

Violence, in any form, is an affront to the American principles of freedom and safety that our communities are entitled to,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Brit Featherston. “The Department of Justice has made prosecution of violent crime a priority. The Eastern District of Texas, in prosecuting this case and others like it, intends to demonstrate that this priority is something more than just a slogan.

Since this is considered a hate crime the men could’ve gotten a life sentence and fined up to $250,000. The accomplices have not been sentenced.

LGBT people are the most targeted group for hate crimes!

According to the New York Times  LGBTs are twice as likely to be targets of hate crimes than Blacks and even Jews.

Unfortunately there are still many people that see gay men as effeminate, weak, and unable to defend themselves.  You don’t have to fall into that category.

Don’t be a victim of gay bashing!

Some tips to protect yourself:

  1. There’s safety in numbers. Almost all of the victims were alone
  2. Don’t show fear. If you they think you’re likely to put up a fight they’ll leave you alone.  Most bad guys are looking for easy pickings
  3. Have a self defense tool

If you do have a gun then you need a concealed holster so you can have it when you need it. Period. I found this one for free just pay for shipping.But many gay men and women are uncomfortable carrying a firearm. That’s okay; you can still protect yourself with things like this special Tac-Lite flashlight. It seems really cool and will get one myself!

The bottom line is because Thomas Autry had a pocket knife he is alive and well.

I know many of you will say “But you can’t carry a knife everywhere!”

That’s true that’s why I recommend a tactical pen. It’s a fully functional self defense tool cleverly disguised as a writing utensil and a flashlight. It has a tungsten steel striker, a bottle opener, and yes it actually writes!

Secret service agents carry pen’s like these!


I  found a coupon where you can get a tactical pen for FREE! But it expires soon..

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