Brother Gets 1 Million Dollars for False Imprisonment

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From prisoner to millionaire

On January 17th Desmond Ricks went from a prisoner to a millionaire. He was awarded 1 million dollars for a wrongful conviction in which he lost 25 years of his life in a Michigan prison.

“I was fighting from the beginning,” Ricks said during a press conference after his release. “When I was arrested, I knew I wasn’t guilty, I just had to convince the police of this — which I shouldn’t have had to do, but that was my job at that time. They weren’t seeing it any other way.


In 1992 Ricks was sentenced to 62 years in prison for the murder of Gerry Bennett outside of Detriot restaurant. Ricks claimed that the officers switched the bullets found in the murder  scene in order to make it look like they came from a gun that he possessed.

Later it was discovered that the crime lab had made a mistake and had been shut down in 2008 due to grave errors in their procedures. This despite the fact that during Ricks’ trial the ballistics expert testified that ‘there was no way’ the bullets could’ve come from any other gun except for the one that Ricks possessed.

Once exonerated Ricks filed a civil rights lawsuit and won 1.25 million dollars.

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