Brother Claims MTV Producer Raped Him

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Rovier Carrington says he was sexually assaulted by an MTV producer who promised him a spot in a reality TV show in exchange for getting in Carrington’s pants.

Carrington says he put out but the producer didn’t get him in the TV show.

He is also accusing a now deceased CEO Brad Grey of rape.  The star wannabe is now sueing Viacom (MTV’s parent company) for $100 million.

It’s also worth noting that he claims he is the descendant of Three Stooges star Moe Howard.

The suit goes into detail about their alleged interactions, starting with Grey coming onto Carrington in a parked car after having dinner together. Carrington says Grey “began kissing Carrington all over his face, neck and mouth,” and became violent after the advance was rebuffed.

“The abruptness of Grey’s personality from dinner until that moment completely took [Carrington] off-guard and he did not know how to react,” states the complaint, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Grey indicated to Carrington, that if he did not have sex with him, he would destroy any chance [he] had of building a career in the entertainment industry.”

The complaint alleges Grey blacklisted Carrington from doing any business with Viacom after Carrington would not sign a non-disclosure agreement, and that Carrington only began having a sexual relationship  with Graden, whom he met on a gay dating app, in order to secure work at Viacom again.

Girl bye! 

What happened was he put out for some gross old men hoping it would pay off. It didn’t and now he’s mad! As far as I’m concerned this just seems like one snake got bit by another.


On Viacom’s part they say they are ‘reviewing the complaint’.

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