Loves Posting His Interracial Relationship Online-Says Few Images of Black Men Being Loved


Loves posting his interracial relationship online-Says few images of Black men being loved

Rob Smith is posting images of himself with his white Russian husband, Misha, on instagram because he says there are very ‘few images of Black men ‘being loved’.

There are very few images of black gay men being loved, affirmed, and supported in the overall LGBTQ community. We’re not in the proposal videos that go viral, and images of black gay men are notably absent from various Instagram accounts like Cutest Gay CouplesCouplee, and Gays With Stories that feature gay couples.

The administrators of accounts like those have decided that the only love that is worth sharing and being celebrated is between two white men. My husband and I decided to start our account so that young gay men of all colors – but especially young black gay men – can see someone who looks like them being loved, being supported, and being married.


Okay Mr. Smith my question to you is did you post photos of yourself with your Black boyfriend when you had one? Have you ever had a Black boyfriend?

Don’t get me wrong Mr. Smith love is love and I’ve been in interracial relationships myself. My question is why is it that it always seems Black men with white boyfriends or husbands are always the ones most eager  to broadcast their relationships to the world?

If your relationship is indeed so healthy and loving why do you feel the need to assert that on the world wide web? I’ve had loving healthy relationships and sure I’d upload a couple of photos here and there when we go out or something but I certainly didn’t feel the need to say

‘Look at me! I’m in a healthy loving relationship!’

Rob – If you haven’t noticed on #gay #instagram, there aren’t too many images of black men being loved, affirmed, and supported in relationships, let alone marriages. That is one of the reasons we started this account. To far too many people that see photos of me and Misha, he is a human being and I am nothing but a walking “black cock.” There is no way that Misha could want to be with me because I’m funny or handsome or educated or successful. Of course not, it must be what’s between my legs. In the spirit of #mlkday and #equality, let’s take the time to see each other as human beings, make more space for black men on gay-oriented Instagram accounts (That means you , @gaycouplee , @gayswithstories and SO many others), and try to see black men for our complexity and humanity. ❤️

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Addressing the trolling incident

We all know in the gay black community ‘white is right’. That is for many gay black men dating white is considered a step up and a status symbol.

I have a black friend who is a physicist. Yes the same profession as Albert Einstein!

He’s currently dating a white CNA and taking care of him. In a real conversation he admitted to me that he wouldn’t be dating and certainly wouldn’t be taking care of a Black CNA.

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You seem to be socially and politically aware so this can’t possibly be news to you Mr. Smith.  The ‘troll’ you speak of  most likely posted this out of frustration. Frustration that many gay black men who achieve financial success turn their backs and even look down on other gay black men. Frustration that our best seems to only be worth their mediocre.

It seems to me what you are really seeking, sir, is attention. You want the whole world to know that you’ve ‘made it’ and you’re using a thin veil of ‘racial tolerance’ as a cloak.


  1. Knight January 21, 2018 6:48 am

    I agree with the assessments of this post, and I’ll add a couple observations of my own:
    1. This “Julia” could have been black…so I didn’t even take it as a racist comment. It almost sounded sarcastic like, “yup…there’s another one”.
    2. This whole incident, like the Twitter account itself, just seems like a very transparent attempt to seek attention. Most people are secure and mature enough not to feel the need to create an entire Queerty article over one negative ttwitter comment.

    To say their entire reason for this twitter account was because there are e “few images of black gay men being loved, affirmed, and supported in the overall LGBTQ community” is a little hard for me to believe. I think it was done out of his own ego…nothing as noble as “affirmation”.

  2. Jacobs Antonio January 22, 2018 12:36 am

    rob smith has always comes across as someone with that “micah brandt” attitude

    i’m different than those other black gays
    i’m so better than those other black gays
    I’m special
    im above them and im only the suitable one for white gay men to date if you date black men

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