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A dispute over a cell phone caused 25-year-old Cordale Robinson to drive his car through a parking lot packed with people at 2am last night causing one fatality. A 25 year nurse named Jared Jacobs.

The hospital where Jacobs worked as an ICU nurse issued the following statement:

“With deep sadness, we learned of the death today of Jared Jacobs, a nurse in Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital’s ICU, following a tragic incident early Thursday morning in Houston.

“Jared’s life was taken after a vehicle hit several people in the parking lot of a Montrose area business. Jared was an eager recent graduate of nursing school who was already an incredible asset to the ICU. His colleagues describe a bright smile and welcoming personality that lifted everyone around him.

“Jared, 25, began his nursing career as a new graduate nurse in the ICU and participated in the summer 2017-’18 Nurse Residency Cohort. He quickly became an invaluable member of the ICU staff because of his superb nursing skills and dedication to his patients. His eternally positive outlook and wonderful sense of humor made him a favorite of patients and co-workers alike.

“At times like this, the Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital family must hold each other up and keep Jared’s family in their thoughts and prayers.”

Robinson’s BFF, Caltrell Jones, said the whole thing was an accident and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Jones said that Robinson was the victim attempting to flee attackers.

““I’m sorry that happened to the guy. I really am. But my best friend has good intentions. He didn’t do it on purpose,”

Police, however, tell a different story. They say Robinson drove through the parking lot at least twice with every intention to hit people with his car.

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