2 Brothers Busted for Hooking up with Teens

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Two brothers busted for hooking up with teens

Two brothers in New Orleans were busted for hooking up with 15 year olds on Grindr. Harvey Washington and Reshawn Beatty say the young men listed their ages as 19.

The victim’s mother contacted the Sheriff’s Office in mid-October after the teen disclosed the sexual encounter to a social worker, Rivarde said. The teen, who is from the North Shore, was visiting a relative in Westwego in early October when he began corresponding with a man on Grindr.

The teen sneaked out of the relative’s house to meet up with the man, later identified as Washington, Rivarde said. Washington is accused of driving the teen to a residence in Marrero where they performed oral sex on one another, Rivarde said.


Busted for hooking up with teen on grindr

Rashawn Beatty

busted for hooking up with teen on grindr

Rodney Washington

Who is the real victim?

From what I can tell the young man was horny, wanted sex, and found two guys willing to give it to him. Where is the victim here?

What’s worse is under the law even if you truly didn’t know the person’s true age you are still guilty of statutory rape.

I ask how is this right? If someone lies about their age and is on an app specifically to interact with grown-ups than why is the adult a predatorĀ  and why is that person a victim?

Lives ruined

Thanks to these young men’s deceit these two men will now have to register as sex offenders making their lives even more difficult.

Of course protecting children is our priority but shoudn’t there be space to protect adults who have been deceived.

California has already done this. In 1964 the California Supreme Court ruled inĀ People v. Hernandez, that if the defendant could prove he truly believed the minor was above the age of consent it could be a exoneration to a statutory rape charge.

However, in most states this is not the case. In Louisiana-where these two men live-that is not the case. That means thanks to these two young men’s desire for sex the two lives of these adults are ruined.

Protect yourself

In the mean time you must protect yourself. Here are ways to keep yourself out of jail

When in doubt ask for ID!
If he looks young don’t be afraid to ask for ID. If he won’t show one move on
Watch out if he says he's 18 or 19
Usually when they say they are 18 that means they’re younger
Phone and Skype are your friends
When you talk on the phone or on skype ask him what year he was born. If he has to think about it that’s a bad sign.
Mentions Parents
If he seems fearful of his parents finding out or even mentions his parents run away.
It doesn't matter if they promise not to tell
It may not be his intention to squeal but under pressure most teens crack like an egg and you could end up like those two brothers.
Don't be afraid to walk away
A nut is not worth your freedom and you don’t want to be on the sex offender list. If it just doesn’t feel right walk away. There will be plenty of other opportunities to satisfy your needs

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  1. Black Panther X April 28, 2018 3:52 am

    Wow. The lives of these men are ruined thanks to those horny, closeted teenage boys.

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